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Confession #1

February 8, 2011

I am a 32-year old woman.  I live in a small suburb.  I subscribe to Cosmo and Glamour.

And this is my shampoo:

Yes, I use Suave Kids’ 2-in-1 Cherry scented shampoo.  BY CHOICE.  🙂

I am sure the animal rights folks, eco folks and au natural folks will frown on it, but that’s ok.

This shampoo smells like cherry Kool-aid.  It reminds me of my childhood summertime…drinking Kool-aid, running around with cousins, eating birthday cakes decorated to look like cartoon characters.  That was pure joy for me.

The cherry scent of this shampoo makes me happy.  And it helps me start my day with a big smile.

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  1. Ali Perrea permalink
    February 8, 2011 11:53 am

    I don’t think there’s a scent we haven’t tried! They all smell delicious…especially the cherry !!

    • February 8, 2011 2:52 pm

      The strawberry one reminds me of the Strawberry Shortcake dolls from the 80s! 🙂

      And the coconut one reminds me of our first trip to the beach. 🙂

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