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Super Heroes on Sesame Street…

February 10, 2011

Season 41 of Sesame Street has brought us great joy: they’ve had so many Super Hero skits!  I know many folks don’t like the current generation of Sesame Street; they hold their own sesame Street experience, as children, to such high standards.  But I dare say that the current Sesame Street is so much better!  I’ve watched YouTube clips of “vintage” Sesame Street with my 4-year old, and although we enjoy them, they are just not as relevant to her, as they were to me at a young age.

One of our favorite clips from Sesame Street is the one in which Grover becomes Iron Monster (Iron Man) at the laundromat!

Video preview — Iron Monster

We missed it on tv, but the Furry Four skit (Fantastic Four) looks awesome!

Video preview — Furry Four

I have a soft spot for elephants, so it was a treat when Horatio played the part of Super Grover’s side-kick!

Video preview — Super Grover’s Side-kick

I couldn’t find a clip or video link for “Slimey the Hero” but Slimey is just so stinkin’ cute!  In this episode, he wants to be a super hero, like Trash Gordon.

And we just discovered that in 2010, Sesame Street released a collection of their Super Hero episodes! It has all four of the above episodes, and the “Heroes” episode of the claymation series, Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures.

You can purchase it on Amazon for an insane price, or reserve it at your local library, like I did.  🙂

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