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Magical Forest and Poison Soup…

February 16, 2011

It was a warm February day (+50 degrees F) and my 4-year old and I were excited to hit the local parks!  The first park we went to housed an enclosed wooden playground, with mulch-chip ground cover.  We spent an hour there, not seeing another soul.  It was fun, but if we wanted to chase after each other and swing, we could have done that in our backyard.  So we headed to a park closer to our house, hoping to see *someone* enjoying the outdoors!

Much to our dismay, this park’s playground (which does not have mulch-chip ground cover) was muddy and still partially covered in snow.  We walked up a few hills, picking up thick sticks to fashion into swords.  Might as well get some “knight time” in, since the sky was gray and the moment just felt oh-so-right for a duel in this Magical Forest.  After a few chops, we discovered a wide stump with fresh sawdust scattered all around.  With a few strategically placed seed pods and a swirl of our swords, we both saw that this could become an awesome cauldron!  My daughter transformed herself into a prince/sorcerer and I became a witch.  (I originally wanted to be an enchantress, but that became too much of a mouthful, as we were running from trolls!)

We created a potion to put the bad witches and bad dragons to sleep.  (Those witches and dragons had permitted evil trolls into the Magical Forest.  First we had to take care of the witches and dragons, then we would combat the trolls.)  We filled our cauldron with dragon’s breath (saw dust,) tail of newt (twigs,) unicorn tears (ice pieces,) and frog eyeballs (tiny pine cones.)  We stirred the brew with our swords and recited the incantation, “Bo bo, beep beep, put the bad ones to sleep!”  We covered our mouths to save ourselves and watched as the gas rose above and put the bad witches and dragons into a permanent slumber.

Then, we rushed over to the river (a sandy volleyball court, turned massive mud puddle!) to defeat the trolls. But along the way, we had to defend ourselves against the look-out trolls.  We filled our pockets with troll bombs (mini pine cones) and tossed them at the rushing trolls.  [The look on the faces of the teenage boys watching us from the basketball court, as we went running up the hill in battle mode, was priceless!]

We decided the best way to dispose of the trolls was to make a poison soup that they would all eat and then perish.  Again, we grabbed our swords and started to cook our creation in the muddy river.  We added poisonous unicorn mint (dried pine needles,) poisonous pegasus feathers (pigeon feathers,) poisonous dart frog poop (huh?) (mini pine cones,) poisonous dragon scales (seed pods,) and poisonous sludge (mud.)

We boiled the soup and then hid behind the trees to watch the trolls eat the soup and keel over. My daughter killed 100 trolls with her soup, but I only killed 18 trolls.  She said I didn’t add enough unicorn mint in mine.  🙂  [I’m sure those teenage boys in the basketball court had NO clue what was going on, at that point!]

After a hard battle, we decided to treat ourselves to some roasted marshmallows, that we picked up from the Wizard’s Market. We started a small fire (not really!) and roasted frog marshmallows, newt marshmallows, and mice marshmallows. Someone was walking by, selling dragon milk and we each drank 3 warm mugs.  We didn’t have any money for the seller, but we traded him a bag of unicorn hair.

Two hours after our arrival in Magical Forest, we made our way down toward our horses (our Honda Element) to head back to our castle.  Thank goodness we still had some troll bombs (mini pine cones) in our pockets, or else we would have been taken down, just as we approached our horses!

As I buckled my daughter into her carseat, she was beaming such joy!  She was smiling so hard and her eyes glistened with tears of happiness!  She looked at me and said, “Oh, Mama!  I had so much fun pretending in Magical Forest!  I love our imagination!”

Right now, our swords are sitting in the front seat of the car.  It is supposed to be 60 degrees tomorrow and we have more work to do in the Magical Forest!

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